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General Manager:
General Manager:

At the beginning of this spring, the Xinshen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the United States Desenk Elevator Holding Company jointed together and established Desenk Elevator (China) Co., Ltd, formally entering the Chinese elevator market, which opened the curtain of Desenk brand development process in China.

Throughout the moment of the Chinese elevator market, full of opportunities are also with full of challenges.

Despite under the brutal competition mechanism, only the fittest in the market can survive, but I am sure that the future desenk will forge ahead. It will hold more advanced production technology, implement the more efficient staff management, introduce the more competitive brand products, expand the broader marketing channels and service network. The path of Desenk will not cease and satisfied with the moment.

I am confident that the future of Desenk will further fulfill the responsibility of the society, employees, shareholders and customers, and lead our dealers, suppliers to improve competitiveness, to conclude the greater development. Because they are the cornerstone of desenk success, is the long-term survival support.

I believe that the future of Desenk will allow every employee to seek more opportunities for development and greater cause of the platform so that on the road of the enterprise development constantly enrich their knowledge and skills to achieve their own value in life, Together to build Desenk dream.

I am confident that the future of Desenk will continue, improve and develop existing policies and strategies, and make it fulfilled.

I am convinced that the future of Desenk elevator will always carry on the core values of diligence, innovation, integrity, teamwork, fully realize the unyielding pursuit to ensure product quality, to shape corporate reputation, to enhance the brand value.

As the leader of Desenk, I always recognize the value of staffs, I believe that the sincere cooperation between the staffs will be solid foundation of Desenk long-term development .Desenk will be the star enterprise of China's elevator manufacturing.

Desenk's tomorrow must be brighter and better!

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