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Build an elevator Star Enterprise, created a century-old brand

Desen elevator (China) co., LTD., is a focus on the global elevator development and manufacturing of sino-foreign joint venture, by suzhou the Mr Elevator co., LTD., with the United States's elevator holdings co., LTD, covers an area of 120 mu, the first phase construction area of 80000 square meters, with a total investment of 90 million dollars. Company set product development de sign, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance in a body, with height of 108 meters, the elevator speed 8 m/s test tower, and imported from the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries is the world's advanced level of production and testing equipment. With annual output of 30000 se ts of manufacturing capabilities, is facing the global market of elevators, escalators and stereoscopic parking equipments of large enterprises.

Company, with the advantages in the joint venture, and has a long history of the elevator manufacturing large and medium-sized elevator manufacturing companies in the United States and elevator parts company, a close strategic cooperation union. Awarded to the European and American countries at the same time strives for perfection the manufacturing technology and scientific and strict management mode, multi-party cooperation, the close relation, common research and development, to make high efficiency and energy saving, safety and comfort of Europe and America brand industrial products quality elevator products.

The system is superior, service all over the world. Germany's elevator products with international standards and accurate market positioning, fine operation, landmarks in China to provide first-class passenger flow solutions, we will work to build a world-class manufacturing base in China, for the market to provide products and services for the meet and exceed customer, creating perfect.

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