Stretcher Elevator
Speed and safety are not a contradiction in terms

DSK Stretcher ladder has rational use of space,especial aisle headroom design,turning radius is moderate,stretcher in and out freely,can facilitate of rescuing residential pantients.when the old building are under renovation,the original hoistways will not have any change,the car and the machine room layout are conducted with limited renovation,to be designed as residential elevator accommodates medical stretchers.


This series adopts user-friendly design and is available both to daily use and first aid. Once in a desperate situation, it can build a channel to save the life of the wounded.

The car adopts a deepened design. It is spacious and bright. With special clearance design in the walkway and proper turning radius, it is quite easy for a stretcher to go in and out.

Once pressing the elevator’s first aid button, the elevator can ignore the order of other users and go to the target floor directly, thereby sending the wounded to hospital in the shortest time.

Elevator style, color and material can be customized according to the building structure.That is to say, the installation is available for not only new elevator but also for the transforma- tion of the old building. It is no need to change the original shafts but to transform the layout of cars and machines rooms to some extent, thereby making the residential elevator available for medical stretchers.

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