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Raising the Quality of Your LifestyleDesenk observation elevator empower everyone in your market to move around the him with great safety,freedom and peace of mind. And all space can be used with maximum effectiveness.


Based on the idea of Security First and thoughtful care of human nature, Desenk domestic elevator fully demonstrates the significance of family with its reliable performance, concise flexible design. and warm nice details.

It has a double 32-bit microcomputer control system allowing it to operate comfortably with precise flat layer. The frequency door-com- puter system with permanent magnet makes the switch operate smoothly. The household dedicated hosting is durable with small size.

Stainless steels, glasses, wood veneers and other optional materials are ailable for customs including various decorating styles. Varied configuration options are provided to meet the needs of different families. Desenk can also provide customized solutions for its users.

The operation box button font is increased for the Old' s convenience. Arc design with no edges and corners is applied into armrest out of safety concerning. The no-slip floor makes people feel safe while walking.


Smart elevator calling mode: IC card, fingerprint identification and elevator calling with precision are accessible for users to improve safety.

Emergency call system: It can preset several emergency phone numbers. When something is wrong, users can press the emergency button to make phone calls. It ensures the safety of our families.

Infrared sensor device: It can sense smartly and judge the situation of users. Once users stay in elevator for over a certain time, the system sends out alarming automatically to avoid accidents.

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