Passenger Elevator
Reliability and efficiency when it matters most

DSK Passenger elevator utilizes the advanced lift control technology, which is advanced variable frequency variable voltage (VVVF) drive combined with fully computer control technology with the data net system and modularized structure. It brings a more precise, efficient, flexible and reasonable systematic controlling. It also adopts the most effective self-inspection program to give a full play of the lift functions. It moves the lift performance to a higher level. Truly satisfies the passengers' requirement.


The Desenk small-machine-room passenger elevators adopts the small-machine-room design for the miniaturization of the machine room, saving 50% of the room area and lowering the room height by 20mm. This is more flexible and can save more space for the building, thereby becoming suitable for different environments.

The room is just an extension of the shaft and does not require any other space. Saving the construction area and improving the freedom of architectural design. Advanced technology is adopted, enhancing transmission efficiency by 25% and saving energy by about 30%. Super fault self-diagnosis ability that can automatically record the elevator running state, ensuring the reliable delivery of the elevator.


This series has completely release the space occupied by the machine room, given. more freedom to design, relieved the constraints of buildings and costs on elevator, becoming suitable to places that require high on construction such as hotels, commercial buildings, high-rise residence.

It eliminates the machine room on the top of the building and puts the control cabinet and traction machine inside the shaft, saving about 10% of the building space. It optimizes the design structure and make the elevator suitable to various buildings that require strictly in construction conditions. Meanwhile, architects or developers can design the building structure more freely. Itadopts a gearless permanent magnet synchronous tractor, which is developed specially for no machine room passenger elevators. The tractor weights only half of traditional tractors but the structure is more compact. It adopts an intelligent control system, improving the operation efficiency of the elevators greatly, perfectly integrating advanced drive and control technologies, realizing better transmission efficiency and energy conservation.

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